10 Great Social Media Post Ideas For Brokers

December 21, 2021

Social media is more than just a place to keep up with friends and loved ones. It’s also an incredibly powerful marketing tool. Mortgage brokers that promote their services and share educational resources on social media regularly outperform their rivals that don’t.

But not all content is of equal value. A strategic content marketing approach considers the needs and expectations of your target audience and delivers relevant and timely information, high quality graphics and videos, and useful links to third party sources.

When you develop a consistent content calendar, you stay in your audience’s feed, which helps develop a lasting connection with them and build a reputation for expertise in the mortgage industry.

Sharing fun personal posts, achievements, and details about your workplace culture also helps humanize the company behind the social media account. Including testimonials, awards, and achievements acts as social proof that verifies your claims of authority and influence as a successful and forward-looking broker.

Here are 10 easy ways to start leveraging your social media channels to attract new clients and partners and build your brand online:

1. Client Testimonials
Anyone can claim they are great, but when an actual client says it, others are far more likely to take notice and believe it’s true. Ask clients for feedback and share the most positive responses.

2. New Loan Products
In this fast-growing industry, where loyalty is harder to come by than in years past and potential clients have effective digital tools at their disposal to shop around, everyone is on the lookout for the next great thing.

So, whenever you add a new loan product or a new feature that improves the mortgage buying process, don’t keep it a secret!

3. Milestones and Rankings
Much like client testimonials, sharing hard data of your results, as well as positive evaluations by reputable third party sources, serves as valuable social proof, which alleviates the concerns of potential clients that may be on the fence about partnering with you.

4. Work Anniversaries
Not only is thanking and acknowledging your employees’ work anniversaries just a nice thing to do, but it also shows the character of your organization and that it respects and values its people.

Consumers across industries are increasingly interested in how the companies they transact with behave behind the scenes and are willing to take their money elsewhere if they don’t like what they see.

5. Local and National Real Estate News
No one wants to be the last to know when a new property in your region goes up for sale, a parcel of land is rezoned for development, or prices suddenly fluctuate.

The same goes for national events like spikes in demand or drops in interest rates. Your audience will appreciate your help keeping them informed and be glad to know you are watching industry trends closely.

6. Luxury Listings
The top end of the market may be out of reach for most clients… but that doesn’t mean they don’t enjoy taking a look at a few ultra-impressive dream houses. You never know when a client will decide it’s time their wishes do come true and are inspired to take the leap on a jumbo loan.

7. Mortgage Glossary
There can be a lot of jargon in the mortgage industry. Insiders sometimes forget that not everyone is familiar with what prequalification means, what an ARM is, or what a title company does.

Sharing a reputable glossary, or even better, writing one yourself, posting it on your blog, and posting it to your social networks, can demystify the mortgage process and lower client apprehensions about it.

8. Client Closings
Everyone loves a success story, so proudly share all of yours. Even if you can’t be there in person, reach out to your escrow officer or a realtor partner and ask if they would consider taking a photo of the event for you to post on your channels.

9. News Stories About You
Getting mentioned in a local publication is a great way to show you are a vital and growing part of your community. It is also a useful means of spreading brand awareness.

10. Realtor Listings
When your realtor partners are more successful, so are you. As you grow your audience and build out a strong follower count, leverage that influence by promoting their listings and enhancing their reach.

Social media can be a lot of fun, but it’s also serious business and delivers an excellent return on marketing investment. Don’t let a great opportunity to build connections and grow your business go to waste.

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